Special events

In Hero Wars, you can participate in special events available for a limited period of time and get various rewards. To open the Special Events menu, click this icon at the top of the game screen:


The expiration timer of an event is always displayed next to its name:


To get rewards, you need to complete quests. Events usually consist of daily or one-time quest chains.


Daily quests are indicated by the note "You can complete these quests every day":


They refresh daily at 2 AM UTC until the end of the event. You should claim your rewards until the daily reset at 2 AM UTC. Otherwise, they will disappear.

One-time quests are indicated by the note "You can complete these quests during a special event":


If you do not claim the rewards for completed tasks, you will receive them in a letter to your in-game mailbox when the event ends (except for daily tasks and daily login rewards).

There are two types of special events in the game:

  • regular events,
  • time-limited events.

Regular events take place under certain conditions or regularly appear in the game.

The following events appear for new players and can be completed only once:

  • World Pioneers / World Pioneers II and Second Wind / Second Wind II appear for all players on a new server when it opens;

  • The Adventure Begins and The Adventure Continues / The Adventure Continues II are available for all newly registered accounts;
  • Deadly Harvest unlocks when you complete Campaign missions 3-15.

The following events regularly appear one after another and last three days each:

  • Energetic Warrior requires spending energy in Campaign;

  • Lord of the Arena requires battling in Arena;

  • Hero of Outland requires fighting in Outland;

  • Top of the Tower requires fighting in Tower;

  • Into the Depths requires clearing Dungeon and earning titanite.

The Emerald Waterfalls special event is permanently active. It resets every seven days.

Time-limited events start for all players at the same time. There is no official calendar of special events. Follow us on social media to stay tuned:

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