Special Seasons

Once you reach level 40, you unlock a new game feature, Special Seasons. A Season is a special event that lasts 30 days and includes daily, three-day, and weekly quests.


There are eleven Seasons in the game at the moment:

  1. Astral Season — starts at team level 40.
  2. Elemental Season — starts at team level 60.
  3. Ascension Season — starts at team level 65.
  4. Eternal Summer Season — starts at team level 70.
  5. Nature Season — starts at team level 75.
  6. Champions Season — starts at team level 80.
  7. Ascension Season 2 — starts at team level 85.
  8. Champions Season 2 — starts at team level 90.
  9. Nature Season 2 — starts at team level 95.
  10. Frozen Treasure Season — starts at team level 100.
  11. Ascension Season 3 — starts at team level 105.

Two Seasons cannot take place at the same time. You need to finish all the previous ones to unlock the next Season.

A new Season starts automatically when you finish the previous Season and log in to the game after the daily reset. The only way to postpone a Season is not to log in to the game at all.


The maximum Season level varies from 51 to 71. You can reach the maximum level with or without the Gold Ticket if you complete every available quest daily.

After you reach the maximum level of a Season, you unlock the bonus section with additional rewards.


A Season includes daily, three-day, and weekly quests. By completing them, you increase your Season level and earn various rewards.

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To complete a quest that requires healing, dealing, or receiving damage, you need to meet all the following conditions:

  1. Fight manually or on Auto. Raids do not count.
  2. Win the battle.

Some quests require you to use a hero with a certain role. To learn the role of a hero, go to the Heroes menu, select a hero, and press the Stats tab.

If all your heroes are maxed out (except for Cleaver and heroes that you cannot get from the Heroic Chest), quests that require upgrading a hero will be automatically completed.

All Season tasks are linked to the day they appear. It is not possible to restore the quests you have missed. However, the game keeps track of your activity throughout the Season. If you complete a Gold Ticket quest without seeing it and purchase the Ticket later, you will find Season EXP points for this quest in your in-game mailbox after purchasing the Gold Ticket.


Rewards in a Special Season are divided into two categories: free rewards and Gold Ticket rewards.

If you have not collected rewards before the end of the Season, you will receive them in your in-game mail after the Season ends. The same goes for quest rewards: if you complete a quest but do not claim the reward, it will be automatically sent to your in-game mail the next day.

mceclip0.png When you claim random Crystals, they are automatically converted into Strength, Intelligence, or Agility Crystals and added to your Inventory.

If you already own a character that a Season grants, you will get the following rewards:

  • 30 Soul Stones of the titan you own.
  • 250 Soul Stones of the supertitan you own.
  • Star upgrade (evolution) for a hero you already own or their Soul Stones. If your hero has one or two stars, they will evolve to three stars. If the hero has three or more stars, you will get 80 Soul Stones of this hero.
  • Star upgrade (evolution) for a pet you already own or their Soul Stones. If your pet has one star, it will evolve to two stars. If the pet has two or more stars, you will get 60 Soul Stones of this pet.

If you get a hero skin you already own, you will receive 5,000 Skin Stones. The type of Stones depends on the main stat of the hero: strength, intelligence, or agility. If you do not own a certain hero but get their skin, you will receive it anyway. The skin will be added to your Inventory. You will be able to use it after summoning this hero.

Instead of the titan skin you already own, you receive 10,000 Titan Skin Stones.

Beach skins are exclusive rewards for the Eternal Summer Season Gold Ticket owners. They are available only as a reward in the Eternal Summer Season.

Totem Sphere

You can exchange a Totem Sphere for 200,000 emeralds or gift it to another player in the following cases:

  • If all your totems, i.e., water, fire, earth, light, and dark ones, are at six stars, you can gift or exchange a Sphere containing a totem fragment of any element.
  • If your water, fire, and earth totems are at six stars, but light and dark ones are not, you can gift or exchange only a Sphere containing a totem fragment of water, fire, and earth.

When you get the Sphere, contact our Support team and tell them about your choice.

Energy Recovery

If you activate two or more Energy Recovery bonuses at the same time, their duration will be combined. The energy recovery rate will remain x3.

For example, if you receive one bonus for five days and then another one for one day, the duration of the Energy Recovery bonus will become six days. It also remains active even after the end of the Season.

You cannot collect the Energy Recovery bonus and add it to your Inventory. Once you click the bonus, it activates immediately.

Gold Ticket

The Gold Ticket grants you additional Season rewards. The Ticket is active during the whole Season, i.e., 30 days, and only on the server on which you bought it.

If you transfer your character to another server, your Season level and Gold Ticket will not disappear and will be safely transferred with your character.

When you purchase the Gold Ticket, you get exclusive avatars and frames as a bonus.

You also get 500 VIP points for activating Astral and Elemental Season Gold Tickets. Other Season Tickets grant you 2,400 VIP points.

After you get the Gold Ticket for yourself, you can purchase Tickets for your guildmates at a discount. A special offer will appear on the right side of the game screen. The offer is time-limited. You can find the timer on the offer icon.

You can gift the Gold Ticket only to those guildmates who do not have one yet. They also must have the same Season active as you do. You can gift Tickets an unlimited number of times.

You can gift the Gold Ticket only for the newest, most recently launched Season.

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