Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame is the place where you can view your Titan Tournament cups and claim the ranking rewards at the end of the Tournament of the Elements week.


Players who get in the top 10,000 get the following Tournament Cups:

  • 1st place gets the Ultimate Champion Cup,
  • 2nd - 10th places get the Gold Cups,
  • 11 - 300 places get the Silver Cups,
  • 301 - 10,000 places get the Bronze Cups.

When you open the Hall of Fame, you can see the Ultimate Champion Cup owners of the previous week's Tournament. To view older results, click the left arrow:


To view your obtained cups, click My Cups in the upper-left corner.

To view a full list of ranking rewards, press Rules in the upper-right corner. In this window, you can also check the Tournament Rules and Tournament Points:


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