Guild War

To participate in Guild War, you must be a Guild member. You can find Guild War on the Guild main screen:

Guild War menu contains information about the upcoming Guild War:

Guild War begins at 12:00 PM UTC on Facebook and at 9:00 AM UTC on The goal is to score more points than other Guilds. Guild War ends at 11:00 PM UTC on Facebook and at 8:00 PM UTC on

You can do battles both manually and on auto. Also, you can pause battles for two minutes. If you decide to skip a battle, it will be finished on auto.

If you start a battle right before the end of a Guild War, it will be finished and affect the results.

In the Attack! tab, Guild Master or Generals can assign targets for Champions to attack the next day.

The hexes on the map represent titan teams, and the squares represent hero teams. Click a fortification to view the assigned teams.

Guild Master and Generals can plan the defense in the Plan tomorrow's defense tab.

To change your current teams of heroes and titans, click the green pencil button on the main Guild War screen. The changes will be applied the next day when Guild War starts.

One hour before the beginning of Guild War at 11:00 AM UTC on Facebook and 8:00 AM UTC on, the defenders' positions become fixed. Any changes made after that time will only apply to the next War.

A Guild can participate in Guild War only if they have at least five Champions. Champions are Guild members who can participate in Guild War. They are selected by Guild Master or by Generals.

You can apply to become a Champion or ask your Guild Master or Generals to make you one via the Guild chat or private messages. To become a Champion, you need to have at least three titans.

A player who has left or has been kicked from a Gold league Guild cannot become Champion until the end of the current Guild War season: until Saturday, 11:00 PM UTC on Facebook or 8:00 PM UTC on

Qualification, Bronze and Silver league Guilds can have up to 15 Champions and 30 positions on Guild War Map. Gold league Guilds can have 20 Champions and 40 positions. However, if a Silver Guild meets a Gold one in battle, it will have only 30 positions, though all 20 Champions will be able to participate.

Each Champion gets two attack attempts. In case a Silver Guild meets a Gold one in Guild War, several Gold Champions will not be able to use their attacks because there will be only 30 attempts for the whole Guild.

You can find information on server leagues and current/previous week's results by clicking the Leagues button on the main Guild War screen.

There are four leagues in the game:

  • Gold league: 6 Guilds;
  • Silver league: 10 Guilds;
  • Bronze league: 30 Guilds;
  • Qualification league: all other Guilds on the server.

In Qualification league, the maximum number of points a Guild can earn depends on the average level of their opponents' teams. Guild earns 20 points for the complete elimination of a fortification slot. These points are then multiplied by the average level of the highest team level players from both Guilds.

In Bronze, Silver, and Gold leagues, Guilds earn 20 points for completely eliminating an opponent's fortification slot. There is no multiplication. So, there are 1,200 points maximum.

Guild War Season results are calculated every Friday after 8:00 PM UTC. If Guilds earn the same number of points during the Guild War Season, their places are determined according to the results of the previous week. Note that their league is not taken into account.

For example, if a Guild took first place the previous week, in the case of a draw, it'd be the first the current week as well. The same rule works when a Guild moves to a new league: if this Guild took first place the previous week and then moved to another league, in the case of a draw, it'd also be one of the first in the new league the current week.

The transition matches from one league to another take place on Saturday. All defense positions get locked one hour before the War starts. From that moment on, all changes will only affect the next War, not the current one.

In these matches, top Guilds from every league fight against bottom Guilds from the next league. Depending on the position, Guilds fight to move up to a higher league or to keep their place in the current one.

The Gold league is an exception. Only the three bottom Guilds take part in the transition matches. The top Guilds do not participate, as they have already reached the highest league.

To check how many Guilds take part in the transition matches, tap the Leagues button in the Guild War menu. 


  • The top six Guilds from the Qualifying league fight against the bottom six Guilds from the Bronze league.
  • The top four Guilds from the Bronze league fight against the bottom four Guilds from the Silver league.
  • The top three Guilds from the Silver league fight against the bottom three Guilds from the Gold league.

Here you can also see what top Guilds are to fight in the transition matches. Such Guilds have a green arrow next to their banner.


The transition of a Guild from one league to another takes place on Saturday night, after the end of transition matches. If a transition match ends in a draw, both Guilds stay in their leagues.

By clicking the Rewards button in the Leagues tab, you can view all the rewards your Guild can receive according to the results of Guild War and the daily rewards.

The Log tab contains all battle records.

You can click the More button next to a battle record to view more information about it: earned points, replay, participating teams, etc.

In the current Guild War, you can also view a complete list of participating Champions from both Guilds, their teams, and the number of attempts left. To do so, click on the blue button next to the Guild's name:

You can access Guild War Shop by clicking the Merchant tab in the upper-left corner of the Guild War screen:

You can also select the Guild War Shop tab when you open any other Shop:

Here you can spend Guild War Trophies to purchase unique Champion's skins, Titan Potions, Chests of different rarity, enchantment runes, and Soul Stones of Arachne, Jhu, Yasmine, and Ziri.

You cannot refresh this shop, and the goods are always the same.

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