General information about pets

Pets become available when Sanctuary unlocks at team level 40.

Pets help your team in battle. Their main feature is that they cannot be damaged. What's more, their energy bar fills up over time: they can use their main skill once every 15 seconds.

The maximum level for pets is 130, the maximum evolution is six stars, and the maximum rank is Violet +3.

To learn more about a pet, go to Sanctuary, click Pets, and select the desired pet. You will see this screen:

Here you can find:

Skills and patronage

Pets use skills in combat. You can activate the first skill manually when the energy bar fills up; the second skill is used automatically.

Patronage increases the stats of the chosen hero and grants a powerful patronage skill if the pet is at the Violet rank. You can select only one hero to apply patronage. The pet does not have to participate in the battle for patronage to work.

Items required to increase pet rank

Merlin, Oliver, Mara, Axel, and Biscuit need Dawnstones to upgrade the first few ranks.

Fenris, Albus, Cain, and Khorus need Duskstones.

These items can be found in Adventures or purchased with Chaos Particles (you do not have this option from the beginning, it appears after completing a specific Adventure).

Once you put a Stone on the pet, you need to charge it. You can use Chaos Particles, gold, or emeralds for charging. Once you put on and charge all six Stones, you can upgrade the pet's rank.

Pet level and evolution

To level up a pet, you need Pet Potions. You can find them in Adventures, Pet Soul Stone Shop, or get them by completing quests and participating in special events.

To evolve a pet, you need their Soul Stones. You can get them by:

  • opening Pet Summoning Eggs;
  • completing special event tasks;
  • buying in a bundle.
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