Pet Summoning

You can summon pets in Pet Summoning Tree located in the Sanctuary area:


There you can open Pet Summoning Eggs. You earn them:

  • in Adventures;
  • by completing the daily quest to start or join an Adventure:


  • by completing special event tasks.

You can open Pet Summoning Eggs either one by one or in tens if you have 10 or more Eggs. In addition, you can spend emeralds to purchase and open 10 Eggs. When you use the Open 10 option for emeralds for the first time, you will receive a one-time reward of 3,000 emeralds. Also, when you use this option 10 times, you will unlock the Open 100 option.

Every player has the chance to get the daily grand prize from Pet Summoning, an Absolute Evolution pet. The pet selected for the grand prize automatically changes every 24 hours at 02:00 AM UTC or after you get the grand prize.

If all your pets have already evolved to the Absolute Star, the daily grand prize will change to 75,000 Pet Soul Coins.

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