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There is a great variety of items, resources, and currencies in the game. In this article, we gathered and described the most important ones and explained how to get them.

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quest_1.png Energy

You need energy to complete missions in the Campaign. You receive one energy point automatically every six minutes. In addition, you can get energy:

  • increasing your team level;

  • completing the daily quest "Get free energy 3 times per day";
  • using a special item called Bottled Energy;

  • claiming gifts in our official communities;
  • completing tasks in special events;
  • in exchange for emeralds.
quest_2.png Emeralds

Emeralds are the universal game currency. There are several ways to get them:

  • as a daily login reward;
  • completing quests;

  • promoting heroes to a higher rank;
  • receiving Arena ranking rewards;

  • completing tasks in special events;
  • purchasing special offers;
  • by getting into Asgard's Hall of Fame;
  • as a reward in a Season;
  • in Emerald Shop.
quest_7.png Gold

Gold is the basic currency used to upgrade heroes and titans. There are several ways to obtain it:

  • completing Campaign missions;

  • completing daily quests;

  • in Tower;

  • in Titan Soul Shop;
  • in an Honorable Guardian Box;
  • selling items from Inventory;
  • as a gift from your Guild Master;
  • collecting gifts in the Daily Bonus tab;
  • saving at checkpoints in Dungeon;
  • during special events;
  • purchasing special offers;
  • using Emerald Exchange.

vip.png VIP Points

Your VIP level depends on the number of VIP points you have. There are several ways to earn them:

  • purchasing emeralds;
  • extending Valkyrie's Favor;
  • for paid server transfers;
  • purchasing special offers.
EXP.png Team EXP Points

Your team level and the maximum level of heroes and titans depend on the number of Team EXP Points you have. To get them, you can:

  • complete Campaign missions;

  • complete daily quests.
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