Guild War Shop

Guild War Shop becomes available at team level 30. To open the Shop:

  1. Click Merchant on the main game screen.


  2. Go to the Guild War Shop tab.


Guild War Shop contains three tabs:

  1. Unique skins. Here you can buy Champion's skins for your heroes. The assortment is always the same.
  2. Valuables. Here you can purchase Hero Soul Stones, runes, chests with equipment fragments, and Titan Potions.
  3. Exchange. Here you can exchange Gold trophies for Silver, Silver trophies for Bronze, and Bronze trophies for Titan Skin Stones.

The main currency of Guild War Shop is Guild War trophies. There are three types of them: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The trophies you receive depend on what league your Guild is in:

  1. Qualifying and Bronze league Guilds receive Bronze trophies as daily and weekly rewards.
  2. Silver league Guilds receive Silver trophies as a daily reward and Silver and Bronze trophies as a weekly reward.
  3. Gold league Guilds receive Gold trophies as a daily reward and Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies as a weekly reward.

The number of trophies you get daily varies depending on the War results and whether you are a Champion or not. As for the weekly reward, it depends on your Guild's position in Guild War ranking.

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