Totem is arguably the most powerful entity in the game. There are five totems in the game: Water Spirit Totem, Fire Spirit Totem, Earth Spirit Totem, Dark Spirit Totem, and Light Spirit Totem. Click the icon of the totem you wish to learn about.

mceclip4.png Water Spirit Totem

With each activation, Water Spirit Totem heals all allied titans and deals damage to nearby opponents for 10 seconds. The amount of damage dealt and health restored is fixed and calculated according to the totem's level and star rank. If more than one titan needs healing, the totem will split the health restoration amount among them. E.g., if Water Spirit Totem restores 3,000 points, and three titans need healing, then the totem will equally divide this amount among them: each titan will be healed for 1,000 health points.

In addition, Water Spirit Totem boosts the attack stat of your water titans.

mceclip3.png Fire Spirit Totem

Fire Spirit Totem summons a fiery storm that sweeps through the rival team and deals damage to nearby opponents.

In addition, Fire Spirit Totem boosts the attack stat of your fire titans.

mceclip2.png Earth Spirit Totem

Earth Spirit Totem creates a crystal barrier on the battlefield. The barrier protects all allies from any attacks. Every time a barrier takes damage, it loses durability. It also reflects the double amount of damage taken onto the attacking opponents.

In addition, Earth Spirit Totem provides bonus health to your earth titans.

image__1_.pngDark Spirit Totem

Dark Spirit Totem conjures a black hole in the center of the rival team. The black hole drags in enemy titans and damages them for 5 seconds. The closer the target to the center of the black hole, the more damage they take.

In addition, Dark Spirit Totem provides bonus health to your dark titans.

image.pngLight Spirit Totem

Light Spirit Totem conjures a supernova. It charges for 5 seconds, during which allied titans' health cannot drop below 1. After that, the supernova explodes and damages all rival titans.

In addition, Light Spirit Totem boosts the attack stat of your light titans.

To activate Water, Fire, and Earth Spirit Totems, you need to have at least three titans of the same element in the battle. Light and Darkness Spirit Totems require only two titans of the corresponding element to activate. It means that you can bring two totems to a battle, provided that one of them is either of light or darkness.

The attack and health bonuses provided by totems remain active even if you do not summon them to the battlefield.

Only the first two totem fragments that you get on the Altar of the Elements always match the strongest element of your titans. For example, if your water titans' power exceeds the power of the other two elements, you will receive water totem fragments the first two times. All subsequent fragments will be of a random element.

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