Guild activity

There are two types of Guild activities to which you can contribute daily:

  • activity points;
  • titanite.

Click the name of an activity you wish to learn about.

Activity points

There are various ways to earn Guild activity points:

  • You get one activity point for each energy point spent in the Campaign. 
  • You can exchange heroes' equipment for up to 2,000 activity points. The rarer the item, the more points you get. If you exchange an item, it disappears from your Inventory.
  • You can upgrade a glyph to get 700 activity points.

When a guild reaches a particular guild activity level, each guild member gets a reward:

  • 1 Guild Master's Present and 4 Great Enchantment Runes for 12,500 Guild activity points;
  • 2 Guild Master's Presents and 5 Great Enchantment Runes for 27,500 Guild activity points;
  • 3 Guild Master's Presents and 6 Great Enchantment Runes for 45,000 Guild activity points;
  • 5 Guild Master's Presents and 7 Great Enchantment Runes for 65,000 Guild activity points.

Only Guild Masters can distribute Guild Master's Presents among the Guild members.


You earn titanite:

  • when you clear Dungeon levels;
  • when you reach a certain Dungeon level, e.g., level 20;
  • when you spend emeralds on Summon 5 or Summon 50 options;
  • from the Oracle for having active Valkyrie's Favor.

When a Guild reaches a particular titanite threshold, each Guild member gets a reward:

  • 1 Summoning Sphere for 750 titanite;
  • 2 Summoning Spheres for 1,800 titanite;
  • 3 Summoning Spheres for 3,000 titanite;
  • 4 Summoning Spheres for 4,500 titanite;
  • 5 Summoning Spheres for 7,500 titanite.

Guild activities reset at 05:00 AM UTC on Facebook and at 2:00 AM UTC on

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