Titan level and evolution

The maximum titan level is 120. Until you reach team level 100, titan max level is 20 levels lower than heroes'. For example, if your hero level is 50, your titan max level will be 30.

To increase your titan level, you need to use Titan Potions. You can get them in Dungeon, buy them in the Titan Soul Shop, or earn them as a reward for quests. You can level up your titan for emeralds as well.

The maximum evolution rank is six. It boosts two main titan stats: physical attack and health. To evolve a titan, you need gold and titan Soul Stones. The number of Soul Stones required for an upgrade:

  • 1st star — 30 Soul Stones;
  • 2nd star — 50 Soul Stones;
  • 3rd star — 150 Soul Stones;
  • 4th star — 500 Soul Stones;
  • 5th star — 900 Soul Stones;
  • 6th star — 1,500 Soul Stones.

Whenever you upgrade a titan, you receive Sparks of Power. You can spend them on leveling up your hero Gifts of the Elements in the Heart of Power area.

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