Titan artifacts

There are three types of Titan Artifacts in the game.

Artifact Weapon Artifact Crown Artifact Seal

Every titan has their unique Artifact Weapon. There are 20 Artifact Weapons in the game.

Each Artifact Weapon increases damage dealt to titans of a specific element. The element is selected according to this cycle:

  • water titans get extra damage against fire titans;
  • fire titans get extra damage against earth titans;
  • earth titans get extra attack against water titans.

Light and darkness are not part of this cycle, but they counter each other.

Artifact Weapon is less effective against higher-level opponents.

To evolve a titan artifact, you need the following number of fragments:

Stars Fragments required
1st star 60
2nd star 440
3rd star 1,400
4th star 2,500
5th star 5,000
6th star 9,000

You can get all artifact fragments from Titan Artifact Spheres at the Altar of the Elements. Also, you can buy fragments for water, fire, and earth titans for Elemental Tournament Coins at the Elemental Tournament Shop. You earn Elemental Tournament Coins for winning battles at the Tournament of the Elements.

The maximum artifact level is 120.

To upgrade an Artifact Weapon or an Artifact Crown, you need Essence of the Elements or emeralds. You earn Essence of the Elements for winning battles at the Tournament of the Elements.

To level up an Artifact Seal, you need gold or emeralds.

Whenever you upgrade a titan artifact, you receive Sparks of Power. You can spend them on upgrading hero Gifts of the Elements in the Heart of Power area.

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