General information about titans

There are 20 unique titans in the game. Each of them has a specific role:

  1. Defender Titans: Angus, Sigurd, Moloch, Brustar, Rigel;
  2. Marksman Titans: Sylva, Vulcan, Nova, Keros, Amon;
  3. Support Titans: Avalon, Ignis, Mairi, Mort, Iyari;
  4. Supertitans: Araji, Hyperion, Eden, Tenebris, Solaris.

Regular titans have one skill, whereas supertitans have two. You can activate the first skill manually or automatically, but the second one activates by itself. Besides, supertitans have three stars from the very beginning.

Each titan belongs to an element. There are five elements in the game: water, fire, and earth, light and darkness. Water, fire, and earth are controlled by this Element Cycle:

  • water titans get extra damage and defense against fire titans;
  • fire titans get extra damage and defense against earth titans;
  • earth titans get extra attack and defense against water titans.

Light and darkness are not part of this cycle, but they counter each other.

To gain extra damage and defense against an opposite element, you need to upgrade your titan's artifacts. You can find more information about Titan Artifacts here.

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