General information about heroes

In the tutorial, you get basic heroes, i.e., Galahad, Artemis, Thea, Phobos, and Astaroth. You can obtain other heroes and their Soul Stones by opening the Heroic Chest, completing heroic missions, etc.

Heroes are automatically positioned on the battlefield based on their auto-attack range. You cannot manually adjust their positions.

Every hero belongs to a specific role: tank, warrior, marksman, mage, support, control, and healer.

  • Tank characters have more health and are more resistant to damage than other roles. Tanks usually stand on the front lines to absorb more damage and protect their team members. Some of them have special skills that allow them to attract the opponent's attacks. 
  • Warrior characters specialize in dealing damage to the opponent in close combat.
  • Marksman characters also deal damage but use ranged attacks.
  • Mages deal magic damage.
  • Support characters give their allies an advantage in battle. For example, they can remove negative effects, give a shield, resurrect, etc.
  • Control characters inflict control effects on the opponents to make them less effective.
  • Healers have abilities that restore health. These characters typically stand further to avoid attacks.

Some heroes may have two roles, e.g., Cleaver is both tank and control.

Besides, some heroes have an additional stat — special trait. There are five specials in the game.

  1. Blessed: Galahad, Markus, Tristan, Luther;
  2. Grove Keeper: Thea, Alvanor, Kai;
  3. Undead: Phobos, Corvus, Morrigan;
  4. Engineer: Ginger, Isaac, Fox.
  5. Fire Heralds: Kayla, Aidan.

Each special trait has heroes with unique skills. In battle, these abilities grant certain bonuses to all characters with the same special on the team. For example, Corvus and Morrigan have the Undead trait. Thus, their skills complement each other in battle.

Currently, there are five heroes with special skills:

  • Corvus's Strike of the Damned and Unity of the Damned skills boost the Undead heroes;
  • Morrigan's Bone Armor and Moonlight skills boost the Undead heroes;
  • Alvanor's Rune of Life and Harmony of the Groveskills boost the Grove Keeper heroes;
  • Tristan's Righteous Zeal, Serving the Light, and Blessed Vanguard skills boost the Blessed heroes;
  • Isaac's Drone Swarm skill boosts the Engineer heroes.

You can find detailed information about a hero in their Stats tab. There, you can learn about their background, position, main and secondary stats, and role. To open the Stats tab:

  1. Press the Heroes button.


  2. Select the required hero.
  3. Go to the Stats tab.


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