Outland is a PvE game mode available at team level 25. You can find it on the main game screen. There, you have to face three different bosses.

Each boss is immune to specific attacks, so only certain heroes can fight them.

  • Ilyssa is immune to magic and melee attacks.
  • Vadjar is immune to magic and ranged attacks.
  • Brog is immune to physical attacks. 

Battle attempts are unlimited. Star rating does not affect anything; it only shows how well your team fought against the boss.

For the first victory over each level boss, you receive a one-time reward: Outland Coins, Skin Stones, and emeralds. Also, there is another reward for each victory: Outland Coins and the ability to open one Outland Chest for free. What is more, you can collect this reward daily without fighting the boss.

Outland Chest drops either a certain number of Skin Stones or Outland Coins. After you spend your free attempt, you can open another Chest for emeralds. With each opening, the reward slightly increases, up to 600 Outland Coins or 150 Skin Stones. You receive an additional Skin Stones bonus for every three opened Chests.

Every victory increases the boss's level and difficulty. Their daily reward also increases. The maximum boss level is 160.


If you defeat all bosses at their maximum level, you will unlock a unique avatar frame.

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