I want to make a refund

According to the Refund policy section of the Terms of Service, you may get a refund if your purchase meets all of the following conditions:

    • A refund can be made within 48 hours of payment.
    • In-game resources have not been used.
    • The purchase did not affect other players and (or) did not give you preferences in relation to other players.

If your purchase meets all of the above, you need to do the following:

  1. Take a screenshot of the payment receipt. You can find the receipt from mailer@xsolla.com in your email. Make sure the screenshot format is jpgjpeg, or png. You can convert your screenshot to a supported format using image converters or other image editing software.
  2. After that, contact our Support team and attach the screenshot to your request. Our specialists will review your ticket.
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