General information about Valkyrie's Favor

Valkyrie's Favor is a subscription. You can purchase it on Airship. It activates on all servers and grants the following bonuses for seven days:

  • Increased combat speed in all game modes.
  • Additional expedition.
  • Daily Artifact Coins.
  • 15 Divination Cards and 150 titanite every day.

If you do not collect Artifact Coins for several days, they do not disappear. You can collect all of them on Airship at any time. However, if you do not collect Divination Cards and titanite, they expire with the daily reset at 2:00 AM UTC on and 05:00 AM UTC on Facebook.

If you do not extend Valkyrie's Favor within 24 hours after it ends, its level resets to level one. Whenever you extend the subscription in time, its daily reward increases. The maximum level is 16.

To check Valkyrie's Favor expiration time:

  1. Go to Airship.
  2. Click Valkyrie’s Favor.

The timer is located at the bottom of the window.


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