Special Seasons FAQ

Once you reach level 40, you unlock a new game feature: Special Seasons. A Season is a special event that lasts 30 days and has daily, three-day, and weekly quests. By completing them, you increase your Season level and earn various rewards. All of them are divided into two categories: free rewards and Gold Ticket rewards.

Season Gold Ticket
What happens to the rewards if I haven't collected them before the end of the Season?

All the unclaimed rewards will be sent to your in-game mail after the end of the Season.

What's the maximum level of a Season?

The maximum Season level varies from 51 to 71.

What happens after I reach the maximum level of a Season?

You unlock the bonus section when you reach the maximum level. This section allows you to earn additional rewards.

I raided Campaign/Adventures but the quest hasn't been completed! Why?

Quests that require you to battle in Campaign or Adventures must be completed without using raids. If using the Raid function to complete a quest is allowed, it is specified in the description.
For example, "Complete 5 missions using instant Raid".

I dealt/received enough damage but the quest hasn't been completed! Why?

To complete a quest that requires healing, dealing, or receiving damage, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. Fight manually or on Auto. Raids do not count.
  2. Win the battle.
I need to choose a hero with a certain role to complete the quest. Where can I find the hero's role?

To find the role, click Heroes, select the desired hero and press the Stats tab.


I haven't claimed the reward for the completed quest, what do I do?

If you complete a quest but do not claim the reward, it will be automatically sent to your in-game mail the next day.

If I transfer my character to another server, what will happen to my current Season level and my Gold Ticket?

Your Season level and Gold Ticket will not disappear and will be safely transferred with your character.

I maxed out all heroes except Cleaver and heroes that I can't get from the Heroic Chest. How do I complete tasks that require upgrading a hero?

In this case, quests to upgrade a hero will be automatically completed.

How many levels can I reach without the Gold Ticket?

You can reach the maximum level with or without the Gold Ticket if you complete every available quest every day.

How can I get a unique Season frame or avatar?

When you purchase the Gold Ticket you get exclusive avatars and frames as a bonus.


Is it possible to delay the start of the Season?

A new Season starts automatically when you finish the previous Season and log in to the game after the daily reset. The only way to postpone a Season is not to log in to the game at all.

How many Seasons are in the game and how do I unlock them?

There are six seasons in the game at the moment:

  • Astral Season — starts at team level 40.
  • Elemental Season — starts at team level 60.
  • Ascension Season — starts at team level 65.
  • Eternal Summer Season — starts at team level 70.
  • Nature Season — starts at team level 75.
  • Champions Season — starts at team level 80.

Two Seasons cannot take place at the same time. You need to finish all the previous ones to unlock the next Season.

I already own a character that the Gold Ticket grants. Will I receive a different reward instead?

Yes. You'll get the following rewards:

  • 30 Soul Stones of the titan you own.
  • 250 Soul Stones of the supertitan you own.
  • Soul Stones of the hero you own. If your hero has one or two stars, this hero will evolve to three stars. If the hero has three stars or higher, you will get 80 Soul stones of this hero.
  • Star upgrade of the pet you own. If your pet has one star, this pet will evolve to two stars. If the pet's evolution is two stars or higher, you will get 60 Soul Stones of this pet.
What happens if I collect two Energy Recovery x3 bonuses at once?

The energy recovery rate will remain x3. If you activate two or more Energy Recovery bonuses at the same time, only their duration will be combined.
For example, if you receive one bonus for five days and then another one for one day, the duration of the Energy Recovery bonus will become six days.

Can I add the Energy Recovery x3 bonus to my inventory to activate it at any time I want?

You cannot add the bonus to your inventory. It immediately activates once you click it.

Does the Energy Recovery x3 bonus work after the end of the Season?

Yes, the Energy Recovery x3 bonus remains active even after the end of the Season.

I can't find random Crystals I got as a reward from the Free section of the Season.

mceclip0.png When you claim random Crystals, they are automatically converted into Strength, Intelligence, or Agility Crystals and are added to your inventory.

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