Payments FAQ

In this article, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about payments. Here you can learn about VIP levels, special offers, Valkyrie's Favor, and much more.

I made a purchase but didn't receive the goods

Try reloading the game tab. If you see that the reward is still missing, use the instructions below to check whether your payment is in the purchase history. 

You can check your Facebook payment history on this page.
  1. If you have found the payment, take a screenshot and send it to our Support team. Our specialists will investigate your case.
  2. If you cannot find the payment there, contact the Support team of your payment system: Xsolla for and Facebook for the Facebook version. You can find the instructions on how to do it in the How to contact payment Support section of this page.


Our Support specialists cannot verify bank or other third-party receipts since they have access only to game-related transaction history.

My payment method/currency isn't listed

All supported payment methods and currencies are determined by Xsolla for or Facebook for the Facebook version of the game.

If you have any questions, contact the Support team of your payment system: they are processing all payments. You can find instructions on how to do it in the How to contact payment Support section of this page.

How to change currency?

Open Facebook Pay settings, click the Currency section, and select the desired currency.

If you do not find the currency of your country, it is recommended to use USD.

Payment window doesn't load
  1. Clear your browser cache.
Google Chrome Safari Microsoft Edge Firefox Opera
1. Exit the game and leave the browser open.
2. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
3. Set the Time range setting to All time.
4. Put a checkmark in the Cached images and files option.
5. Click the Clear data button.
  1. Try to temporarily disable your AdBlock or other blocking plugins. Sometimes, even antivirus can block payment windows by mistake.
  2. If the payment window still does not show up, contact our Support team. Attach a screenshot of what you see when trying to make a purchase. Our specialists will investigate your case.
Valkyrie's Favor

Valkyrie's Favor is a subscription. You can purchase it in Airship. It activates on all servers and grants the following bonuses for seven days:

  1. Increased combat speed in all game modes.
  2. Additional expedition.
  3. Daily Artifact Coins.
  4. 15 Divination Cards and 150 titanite every day.

If you do not collect Artifact Coins for several days, they do not disappear. You can collect all of them in Airship at any time. However, if you do not collect Divination Cards and titanite, they expire with the daily reset at 05:00 AM UTC+3 on and 05:00 AM UTC on Facebook.

If you do not extend the subscription within 24 hours after it ends, its level resets to level one. Whenever you extend the subscription in time, its daily reward increases. The maximum level is 16.

To check the remaining time of the subscription:

  1. Go to Airship.
  2. Click on Valkyrie’s Favor.

The timer is located at the bottom of the window.


How to cancel Valkyrie's Favor?

On Facebook or, Valkyrie's Favor does not automatically renew, so you only need to wait until the subscription ends. You will not be charged again.

Valkyrie's Favor level has reset

If you have skipped a payment less than a month ago, our Support team may help you restore Valkyrie's Favor to the previous level. Сontact Support and describe your problem in detail. Our specialists will review your request.

Number of VIP points required to get a specific VIP level

To reach a certain VIP level, you need a specific number of VIP points.

  • VIP 1 — 10 VIP points;
  • VIP 2 — 100 VIP points;
  • VIP 3 — 130 VIP points;
  • VIP 4 — 500 VIP points;
  • VIP 5 — 1,000 VIP points;
  • VIP 6 — 2,000 VIP points;
  • VIP 7 — 3,000 VIP points;
  • VIP 8 — 5,000 VIP points;
  • VIP 9 — 7,000 VIP points;
  • VIP 10 — 10,000 VIP points;
  • VIP 11 — 15,000 VIP points;
  • VIP 12 — 20,000 VIP points;
  • VIP 13 — 40,000 VIP points;
  • VIP 14 — 80,000 VIP points;
  • VIP 15 — 150,000 VIP points.
How to increase VIP level?

You get VIP points each time you purchase emeralds, offers, Valkyrie's Favor, or paid transfers. You cannot use emeralds to get VIP points.

To reach a certain VIP level, you need to earn a specific number of VIP points. The number of points required is gradually increased with each VIP level. You can find the full list in the VIP levels tab of this page.

Emerald multipliers
x4 x3 x2 x1.5
X4 emerald multiplier is an automatic time-limited sale. It appears on one or all offers from the Emerald Shop depending on the sale type. Each x4 offer can be purchased only once a day.
Special offers

Every day you are offered to purchase special packs called bundles or special offers.

  • The pool of bundles is the same for every player. Bundles are created manually, the contents and price of each of them are fixed, and the distribution of bundles is a fully automatic process.
  • Every few hours, you get a different offer. The timer under the offer icon on the main game screen displays when an offer expires.
  • There is no limit to how many times you can be offered the same bundle. If you miss one, you will eventually see it again.
  • You can purchase a bundle only once. Therefore, you can buy every single bundle in the game. However, new offers are added to the game regularly.
  • When you reach VIP 10, you unlock the Сarousel of Bundles that allows you to purchase a bundle of your choice. Carousel offers are available for unlimited time.
Custom offers

All bundles are the same for every player and are distributed automatically. It is not possible to create a personal offer.

I don't have the same offers as everyone else

All offers in the game are the same for every player and are distributed automatically. In addition, each offer can be purchased only once.

If you do not have a specific offer at the moment, you will have an opportunity to purchase it in the future.

How to contact payment Support?

Click the arrow button on the right side of the Facebook heading and select Help and Support:


After that, go to Report a problem and click Something went wrong. Then, fill out the form and describe your question in detail.

Special Seasons and Gold Ticket

You can get various game resources by completing Season tasks. To unlock additional rewards, you can purchase the Gold Ticket.

Check our FAQ if you have questions regarding Special Seasons or Gold Ticket.

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