Technical difficulties FAQ

Sometimes, you can run into technical difficulties while playing Hero Wars: Dominion Era. This article provides basic troubleshooting steps that help solve most technical issues.

Performance issues: game crashes, freezes, lags, or doesn't start
  • Check if your computer meets the minimum requirements of the game:
    • CPU released in 2016 or newer;
    • GPU released in 2013 or newer;
    • 8 GB of RAM;
    • An up-to-date browser;
    • Windows 8.1.
  • Clear your browser cache. It will help your browser update all outdated or corrupted files:
    Google Chrome Safari Microsoft Edge Firefox Opera
    1. Exit the game and leave the browser open.
    2. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
    3. Set the Time range setting to All time.
    4. Put a checkmark in the Cached images and files option.
    5. Click the Clear data button.
  • Check if hardware acceleration is enabled in your browser. It is important to keep this option enabled in order to give your browser permission to use your graphics card to process graphics in the game:
    Google Chrome Microsoft Edge Firefox Opera
    1. Click mceclip0.png in the top right corner of the screen. Then click Settings.
    2. Type "hardware acceleration" in the search bar at the top of the page.
    3. Toggle on the Use hardware acceleration when available option.
    4. Relaunch your browser to set the new parameters.
  • Try to temporarily disable your AdBlock or other blocking plugins. Sometimes, even antivirus can block payment windows by mistake.
  • Your operating system and browser should be up-to-date to ensure stable performance. Check if there are any updates to your current browser or try a different browser.


    Internet Explorer is a browser that is no longer supported. If you are using this browser and experiencing technical issues, it might be good to switch to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

  • If none of the above helps, contact Support. Describe the issue you have encountered in detail. Our specialists will review your inquiry.
Internet connection issues
  • If you use VPN services, try temporarily disabling all of them and then check if your connection has become better.
  • If you do not use VPN services, install and enable a VPN plugin and then check if your connection has become better.
  • Try contacting your Internet service provider. Send them a direct link to the game and ask if there are any restrictions from their side that can be eliminated.
  • If none of the above helps, contact Support. Our specialists will review your inquiry.
Game settings
Full-screen mode Sound options

To enter full-screen mode, click the button with four arrows in the bottom right corner of the game or press Ctrl + F.

Note that this mode is not designed for mobile devices.

To exit full-screen mode, click the same button again or press Esc.

How to enable push notifications

To enable push notifications in your browser, right-click on the lock icon on the left of the browser address bar and select the Allow option next to the Notifications setting.

The settings interface depends on the browser you use. If you have difficulties finding the Allow button, try using Google Chrome.


How to change the time zone in the game

You can change your in-game time zone once every 30 days. To change it:

  1. Change the time zone on your computer to the desired one.
  2. Launch the game and click your avatar in the upper left corner.
  3. Click the pencil button next to your current time zone. Your time zone will automatically update, and the game page will reload.
  4. After the in-game time zone is synced, you can switch back your computer time zone.


This change affects game modes and quest reset time.

How to change the game language Facebook
  1. Click the globe icon in the upper-right corner of the game tab and select the desired language in the drop-down menu.


  2. Confirm your action by clicking the Refresh & Change Language button. The game page will automatically reload.


If you cannot find the desired language in the list, it is not currently supported by the game.

Keyboard shortcuts

The game supports several hotkeys.

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 activate your heroes’ fully charged first skills. The activation order is from the left hero to the right.
  • Q activates a fully charged totem/pet skill.
  • A enables/disables Auto except for Arena and Grand Arena. They are always on Auto.
  • Holding left Shift changes replay and battle speed if Valkyrie’s Favor is active.
  • Ctrl + F enables fullscreen mode.
  • Esc closes an active in-game window, disables fullscreen mode, or pauses a battle.
  • Spacebar hides the pause menu for a paused battle. To bring the menu back, press the spacebar again.
How to play on a mobile device

The developers are working on optimizing the game for mobile browsers. But currently, the best way to play Hero Wars: Dominion Era is on a PC. 

If you wish to play Hero Wars: Dominion Era on mobile devices, there are two possible solutions:

  1. You can launch the game in most mobile browsers, e.g., Google Chrome or Safari. However, stable performance is not guaranteed for now because the game was not designed for mobile devices.
  2. You can start from scratch in the mobile game Hero Wars: Alliance. Open Google Play Market, AppStore, or AppGallery, type "hero wars" in the search bar, and install the game.

Hero Wars: Alliance is developed by a different team and has different game mechanics, so there is no progress synchronization between the two versions of the game. If you have an account on a PC and download the mobile app, you will start a new account.

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