Technical difficulties FAQ

Performance issues: game crashes, freezes, lags, or does not start
  • Clear the cache of your browser. It will allow the browser to update all the outdated or corrupted files:
    Google Chrome Safari Microsoft Edge Firefox Opera
    1. Exit the game and leave the browser open;
    2. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete;
    3. Check Clear Cache;
    4. Click Clear History.
  • Check whether hardware acceleration is enabled in your browser. It is important to keep this option enabled in order to give the browser permission to use your graphics card for processing graphics in the game:
    Google Chrome Safari Microsoft Edge Firefox Opera
    1. Open the Settings section by clicking mceclip0.png at the top right corner of the screen. There you will see the line Settings;
    2. Type "Hardware acceleration" in the search bar on the page;
    3. Move the toggle to On near the option Use hardware acceleration when available;
    4. Relaunch the browser to set new parameters.
  • Try to temporarily disable your Adblock or other blocking plugins. Sometimes, even your antivirus can cause the issue;
  • Remember that you need an up-to-date browser and OS to ensure stable performance. Check whether there are any updates to your current browser or try a different browser;


    Internet Explorer is a browser that is no longer supported. If you are using this browser and experiencing technical issues, it might be good to switch to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

  • Keep in mind that new technologies require some PC resources. The minimum requirements are:
    • CPU released in 2016 or newer;
    • GPU released in 2013 or newer;
    • 8 GB of RAM;
    • An up-to-date browser;
    • Windows 8.1;
  • If nothing helps, please contact our Support team using the Get help button in the lower-right corner of the game. We will gladly investigate your case.
Internet connection issues
  • If you see that the game loses internet connection from time to time or does not load while all the other web pages are loading correctly, please try to temporarily disable all VPN services you are using (if any). If you do not use VPN services, it is quite the opposite: please try to install and enable a VPN plugin, and then check whether the connection has become more stable or not.
  • Also, try to contact your internet provider, send them a direct link to the game, and ask whether there any restrictions from their site that can be eliminated.
  • If nothing helps, please contact our Support team using the Get help button in the lower-right corner of the game. Describe the situation in detail, and we will gladly investigate your case.
Playing from mobile phones/tablets
The browser version of the game was designed and optimized for PC. If you would like to use mobile devices for playing Hero Wars, there are two possible options:

  1. You can open the game in the majority of mobile browsers. e.g. Google Chrome, Safari. Please keep in mind that stable performance is not guaranteed because the browser version of Hero Wars was not designed for mobile devices.
  2. You can start your journey in the mobile version of the game. To download it, open Google Play Market or AppStore and type "Hero Wars" in the search bar.


    Hero Wars mobile has its own development team and game mechanics, so there is no progress synchronization between the browser version of Hero Wars and Hero Wars mobile. If you played on PC before and downloaded the app now, you will have to start a new account.