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In this article, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about gameplay. Want to know about Bad Luck Protection? Not sure how control effects work? Want to find out more about main and secondary stats? You can find out in this article.

How to play

You begin your journey with the tutorial. Starting with the Campaign, you will progress through the game and unlock new mechanics and game modes.

You can find beginner's guides on our official YouTube channel. Also, you can always ask other players for advice in the game chat.

How to get emeralds

There are several ways to get emeralds:

  • completing daily and ordinary quests,
  • receiving Arena rewards,
  • promoting heroes,
  • obtaining rewards in the Tournament of the Elements,
  • completing special events,
  • making in-game purchases.
How to get energy

You get one point of energy every six minutes. Energy has a specific maximum value. When you reach it, energy stops accumulating. Initially, the maximum value is 60 points, but for each new team level, the maximum value increases by one, up to 190 at team level 130.

In addition, to get energy you can:

  • complete daily Get free energy quests;
  • collect rewards from the Daily Bonus tab;
  • collect some free gifts on our official website;
  • increase your team level (30 points for each new team level);
  • use a special item called Bottled Energy;
  • complete Emerald Waterfalls special event;
  • exchange emeralds.
How to get gold

There are several ways to obtain gold:

  • opening chests in the Tower;
  • completing Campaign missions;
  • completing daily quests;
  • collecting gifts in the Daily Bonus tab;
  • in weekly gifts for participation in the Tournament of the Elements;
  • selling various in-game resources from your Inventory;
  • getting gifts from your Guild Master;
  • completing tasks from special events;
  • using Emerald Exchange.
Do you have free gifts?

Yes, you can get free gifts from our official pages:

Main stats
Strength Intelligence Agility

Each strength point provides:

  • 40 health points;
  • one point to physical attack if strength is the main stat of the hero.
Secondary stats
Health Physical attack Armor Armor penetration Vampirism Magic attack Magic defense Magic penetration Dodge Critical hit chance

Health is the stat that determines how much damage a hero can withstand before dying. If health points reach zero, the hero dies.

Damage types

There are three damage types in the game, each of them has its own features.

Physical damage Magic damage Pure damage

Physical damage is displayed in orange color. It can be diminished by armor. 

Skill example

Ginger's Lead Storm: Quickly fires seven buckshot rounds from the pistol, damaging all enemies. Damage per shot: 4231 (10% phys. atk. + lvl * 20).

Energy generation in combat
Heroes Titans

Heroes gain energy in the following scenarios: 

  • for each basic attack or ability besides passives — 10%; 
  • for every 1% of the maximum health points lost — 1%;
  • for defeating an opponent — 30%;
  • if a hero dodges an attack, they receive 100% energy they would have received if they had not dodged the attack.
Control effects
Stun Blind Silence Slow Charm Mind control

A hero that is stunned cannot move or attack. There are two ways to stun the opponent:

  1. Inflict damage higher than 20% of the opponent's maximum health in one attack.
  2. Cast a skill that applies stun.

Stun is displayed as spinning stars above the hero.

I didn't get x2 in Dungeon

You get a double reward for clearing a Dungeon level for the first time: 50 Titan Potions and 2 titanite for a hero level and 2 Soul Stones and 10 titanite for a titan level.

If you clear the level again, the reward is 25 Titan Potions and 1 titanite for a hero level and 1 Soul Stone and 5 titanite for a titan level.

Some of the in-game items are missing

Our system ensures that every in-game action is processed and validated by the game server. It guarantees that items don't disappear on their own and can't be lost. If an item is nowhere to be found, it means that it was either used, exchanged, or not there in the first place.

I created an item, but it disappeared

Items in the game never disappear on their own: every single in-game action is processed and validated by the game servers. If a piece of equipment is missing, there are three possible scenarios:

  • You might have equipped this item with another hero. Items are not unique and can be used for various heroes.
  • You might have sold this item sold for gold or exchanged it for activity points for your Guild.
  • Crafting in the game is a complex, multi-level system. All higher-tier items are crafted out of lower-tier gear.
Letters disappeared from my mailbox!

Letters are stored in your in-game mailbox for a limited amount of time, usually for three days. Afterward, any items they contain are permanently deleted. The expiration date is displayed at the bottom of the letter.

Make sure to claim rewards as soon as they arrive in your mailbox. Our Support team cannot restore expired letters and rewards.

Offensive behavior in the game chats

If you do not want to see any messages from a certain player, click their nickname in the chat and press Add to blacklist.

If you believe that this player's speech or behavior in the in-game chat violates our Terms of Service, you can also report them to our Support team. Make sure to attach a screenshot of the message and the ID of the player who offended you. Our specialists will conduct an investigation. They cannot disclose the results of the investigation due to user privacy policy.

Our Guild Master's offline for a long period of time

If the Guild Master does not log in to the game for more than 30 days in a row, their title is automatically transferred to a General or an Officer who is the first one to log in to the game after the 30 days timer has run out. 

If the Guild Master logs in, the 30 days timer resets. Another way of transferring the title is to contact that player directly and ask them to manually transfer the title to someone else.

Totem fragments and Bad Luck Protection

If you spend a certain number ​​of emeralds on the Altar of the Elements and do not get a totem fragment, you receive a guaranteed fragment.

Here are the Bad Luck Protection thresholds:

  • 1st totem fragment — 4,500 emeralds;
  • 2nd totem fragment — 45,000 emeralds;
  • 3rd totem fragment — 466,667 emeralds;
  • 4th totem fragment — 850,000 emeralds;
  • 5th totem fragment — 1,133,333 emeralds;
  • 6th totem fragment — 1,416,667 emeralds;
  • 7th totem fragment — 1,700,000 emeralds;
  • 8th totem fragment — 1,983,333 emeralds;
  • 9th totem fragment — 2,266,667 emeralds;
  • 10th totem fragment — 2,550,000 emeralds;
  • 11th totem fragment — 2,833,333 emeralds;
  • 12th totem fragment — 3,116,667 emeralds;
  • 13th totem fragment — 3,400,000 emeralds;
  • 14th totem fragment — 3,683,333 emeralds;
  • 15th totem fragment — 3,966,667 emeralds;
  • 16th totem fragment — 4,250,000 emeralds;
  • 17th totem fragment — 4,533,333 emeralds;
  • 18th totem fragment — 4,833,329 emeralds;
  • 19th totem fragment — 5,133,329 emeralds;
  • 20th totem fragment — 5,433,329 emeralds;
  • 21st totem fragment — 5,733,329 emeralds;
  • 22nd totem fragment — 6,033,329 emeralds;
  • 23rd totem fragment — 6,333,329 emeralds;
  • 24th totem fragment — 6,633,329 emeralds;
  • 25th totem fragment — 6,933,329 emeralds;
  • 26th totem fragment — 7,233,329 emeralds;
  • 27th totem fragment — 7,533,329 emeralds;
  • 28th totem fragment — 7,833,329 emeralds;
  • 29th totem fragment — 8,133,329 emeralds;
  • 30th totem fragment — 8,433,329 emeralds.
When you receive a totem fragment from any other source, you advance to the next step in the Bad Luck Protection system.
Bad Luck Protection in the Campaign

Every item has a different drop chance. The rarer the item, the lower the chance. Rarity depends on the color: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red.

All Campaign missions have Bad Luck Protection. This feature guarantees that you have one of each item featured in the mission when using the x10 raid option. 

The same rule applies for heroic missions where you are guaranteed at least one Soul Stone when raiding x3. 

Tower difficulty

The difficulty of the Tower depends on your team level that you can find under your avatar on the game's main screen. If your heroes are not upgraded up to that level, clearing the Tower might become a challenge.

I can't select a hero or a pet in the Tower

If a hero or a pet is displayed in gray color and you cannot pick them to fight in the Tower, then their level is lower than required. Your heroes and pets have to be at least level 15 to participate in this game mode.

My heroes don't get EXP in raids

When you raid a mission, your heroes do not obtain experience directly. Instead, acquired experience points are converted into EXP Potions that you can find in your Inventory and use to upgrade any hero of your choice.

How do I leave an Adventure?

To leave, open the Adventures tab, click the Log button in the bottom-left corner, and then Leave Adventure.

Guild War trophy exchange doesn't work

You can exchange Gold trophies for Silver and Silver trophies for Bronze, but not vice versa. To make an exchange, visit Guild War Shop.

I didn't get the Arena reward at 8 PM

To receive the reward, you need to attack at least once in Arena or Grand Arena before 8:00 PM. Successful defenses do not count for issuing the reward.

I don't get Arena or Grand Arena Coins for a successful defense

Each day only the first five successful defenses grant Arena Coins, so you can receive up to 50 Coins. All further defenses are not rewarded. The same rule works for Grand Arena.

I was attacked from a far-away position in Arena / Grand Arena

There are two matchmaking ranges in Arena and Grand Arena: visible and hidden.

  • The visible range includes player positions you can see in the list of suggested opponents.

  • The hidden range is wider than the visible range. It ensures that opponents do not disappear while you are choosing an opponent or heroes to attack. Without this range, you would have to constantly look for a new opponent because positions in Arena and Grand Arena are dynamic and change quickly.

The hidden range allows you to attack an opponent even if they have changed their position while you were selecting your heroes. However, if the new position is outside both the visible and hidden range, you will have to look for a different opponent.

I can't get Cleaver / supertitan / totem fragment

Cleaver, totem fragments, and supertitans are unique and rare rewards. You have a certain chance to get a super prize every time you open а chest or sphere. Neither the number of chests/spheres opened nor their type (for emeralds or free ones) affects the result. The chance is the same for all players, so it is a matter of luck.

Daily Bonus has reset, but I haven't collected all rewards!

On the first day of each calendar month, the counter of the collected rewards is reset, and you start collecting rewards again from the first day of the month.

My Guild has no Guild War on Saturday

The standard Guild War Season starts on Monday and ends on Friday. On Saturday, only transitional matches take place. In these matches, top Guilds from every league except for Gold fight against bottom Guilds from the higher leagues to promote to a higher league.

If you do not have an opponent on Saturday, it means that you finished the week in the middle of your league.

My titans haven't resurrected in Dungeon

Titans resurrect with the Dungeon reset at the beginning of a game day, at 5:00 AM your local time zone. If your titans are still dead, then you have already explored the Dungeon today or changed the time zone recently. You will be able to proceed tomorrow.

Note that if you use Divination Cards to beat the Dungeon, your titans still take damage as in the standard manual walkthrough.

I have a question regarding a recent battle

In this article, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the combat system: how hero skills work, how energy generation affects battles, how team composition can play a crucial role in combat, and much more!

If you still have questions regarding a specific battle, take the following steps to understand what is going on:

  1. Read the description of the abilities of each hero that participated in that battle. There are over 200 abilities in the game, and their interaction is usually the key. You can toggle the detailed descriptions of skills in the game settings:


  2. Check the active effects from the first artifacts. If damage is too high or too low, most likely, the heroes are under buffs. Artifacts affect the whole team, not only one hero:


  3. If a hero has chosen a different target than you expected, pay attention to the skills that can influence target selection. For example, Jorgen's Leper is one such skill.

  4. Check if your heroes are under any control effects.
  5. Try experimenting with hero combinations paying attention to strengths and weaknesses of both teams. Well-chosen heroes may sometimes defeat opponents even when outnumbered.

  6. If you still have not figured everything out, you can discuss the battle with your guildmates or ask other players for help on our official Discord server.
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