Rarity Fair

The Rarity Fair is available to players with VIP level 1 and higher. Here, you can promote a hero to the next rank by buying all the necessary gear items with emeralds. The Rarity Fair appears on the right side of the main menu after you spend energy on Campaign missions. The Fair remains available for one hour.

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If you do not use the offer within one hour, the merchant at the Rarity Fair will leave and will not appear again for the next six hours. But if you purchase an upgrade, the merchant will appear again earlier once you spend more energy.

If the hero you want to upgrade does not appear in the promotion list, it means that this hero does not meet the criteria of the Rarity Fair:

  • This hero's rank is too low. The Rarity Fair does not provide white gear items.
  • Hero's current level is not high enough to equip all the necessary gear items. You need to level up the hero. After that, you will be able to promote them at the Rarity Fair. You can check the required level in hero's profile or the item creation menu.
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If you do not have heroes under these criteria, Rarity Fair will not appear at all.

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