I completed a Free emeralds task but didn't get emeralds

All Free emeralds tasks are provided and controlled by a third-party company, ayeT-Studios. Our Support team does not have access to these tasks.

If you have completed a task but have not gotten the reward, you need to double-check the task status and contact ayeT-Studios, if necessary.

To track the status of your task, click the three stripes in the upper-left corner of the window:


Then click Reward status:


There are three sections in this window:

  • The Rewarded section shows the tasks you have already received the reward for. 
  • The Pending section shows the tasks you are still doing.
  • The Rejected section shows the tasks you cannot get a reward for since some conditions were not met.


Click the task to check the details of its progress. Here, you will find the date you started this task, its status, and the FAQ section:


If you have any additional questions about the task, you can reach out to ayeT-Studios Support by following the instructions below.

1. Click Reward status:



2. Find the task you have a question about and click it.

3. In the Support section, choose the Submit support ticket option:


Follow the instructions to create a ticket to the ayeT-Studios Support team. 

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