Totem fragments and Bad Luck Protection

Totem is arguably the most powerful entity in the game. Thus, it might take a while to obtain its fragments. You can get them during special events or from Titan Artifact Spheres at the Altar of the Elements.

The totem fragment drop rate is rather low compared to other game entities. Due to this, there is a special feature called Bad Luck Protection. If you spend a certain number ​​of emeralds at the Altar of the Elements, you will receive a guaranteed totem fragment:

  • 1st totem fragment — 4,500 emeralds;
  • 2nd totem fragment — 45,000 emeralds;
  • 3rd totem fragment — 466,667 emeralds;
  • 4th totem fragment — 850,000 emeralds;
  • 5th totem fragment — 1,133,333 emeralds;
  • 6th totem fragment — 1,416,667 emeralds;
  • 7th totem fragment — 1,700,000 emeralds;
  • 8th totem fragment — 1,983,333 emeralds;
  • 9th totem fragment — 2,266,667 emeralds;
  • 10th totem fragment — 2,550,000 emeralds;
  • 11th totem fragment — 2,833,333 emeralds;
  • 12th totem fragment — 3,116,667 emeralds;
  • 13th totem fragment — 3,400,000 emeralds;
  • 14th totem fragment — 3,683,333 emeralds;
  • 15th totem fragment — 3,966,667 emeralds;
  • 16th totem fragment — 4,250,000 emeralds;
  • 17th totem fragment — 4,533,333 emeralds;
  • 18th totem fragment — 4,833,329 emeralds;
  • 19th totem fragment — 5,133,329 emeralds;
  • 20th totem fragment — 5,433,329 emeralds;
  • 21st totem fragment — 5,733,329 emeralds;
  • 22nd totem fragment — 6,033,329 emeralds;
  • 23rd totem fragment — 6,333,329 emeralds;
  • 24th totem fragment — 6,633,329 emeralds;
  • 25th totem fragment — 6,933,329 emeralds;
  • 26th totem fragment — 7,233,329 emeralds;
  • 27th totem fragment — 7,533,329 emeralds;
  • 28th totem fragment — 7,833,329emeralds;
  • 29th totem fragment — 8,133,329 emeralds;
  • 30th totem fragment — 8,433,329 emeralds.

When you receive a totem fragment from any Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere, you advance to the next step in the Bad Luck Protection system. The number of spent emeralds also changes to the next guaranteed threshold.

For example, you have two totem fragments and spend 45,000 emeralds at the Altar of Elements. Upon opening a Totem Sphere, the number of spent emeralds will automatically change from 45,000 to 466,667. The next totem will drop on the next threshold when the number of spent emeralds reaches 850,000.

If you get a totem fragment by opening a regular Titan Artifact Sphere titan_artifact_sphere.png, you will still advance to the next step in the Bad Luck Protection system. However, the number of spent emeralds will remain unchanged.

For example, you have two totem fragments and spend 45,000 emeralds at the Altar of Elements. After receiving a totem from a Titan Artifact Sphere titan_artifact_sphere.png, the number of spent emeralds will still be 45,000, and the next totem will drop when you spend 850,000 emeralds.

If you wish to learn how many emeralds you need to spend to reach the next Bad Luck Protection threshold, ask our chatbot, Raymond, for help. To open the chatbot, follow this instruction and then select Gameplay Totems Next fragment.

If you play on Facebook, contact our Support team and ask for this information.

The first two totem fragments always match the strongest element of your titans. For example, if your water titans' power exceeds the power of the other elements, you will receive water totem fragments the first two times. The next fragments will be of a random element.

This rule works no matter how you got a fragment: from a Totem Sphere or at the Altar of the Elements.

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