Soul Atrium

At the Soul Atrium, you can obtain heroes and their Soul Stones. You can enter it on the main game screen.


You can make summons at the Soul Atrium by using either Soul Crystals or emeralds.


Soul Crystal is a coin used to perform summons. You receive one free Soul Crystal every day. You can save the Crystal for later if you do not want to use it immediately.

Soul Crystals do not expire, but you can store a maximum of 365 Crystals. To find the Crystals, open your Inventory.

Make sure to collect Soul Crystals daily. If you skip a day and do not collect a free Soul Crystal, you will still get only one Soul Crystal the next day.

If you have enough Soul Crystals, the Summon 10 option will become available.



To see the entire list of heroes you can get at the Soul Atrium, click All Rewards:


The background color of the rewards shows their rarity. Orange is the rarest one, so its drop chance is lower compared to the other colors.


You can increase the chance of getting certain heroes by selecting them from Hero Wishlist. This option appears at team level 20.


You can select one hero several times to increase their drop rate.


The increased chance does not guarantee that you will get that hero or their Soul Stones in the next summon. It improves the base odds in relation to all the possible rewards of the same rarity.

You can also get guaranteed prizes by making a certain number of summons.


These rewards are unlimited and contain the following resources:

  • heroes or their Soul Stones;
  • gold or EXP potions.

Grand prizes

There are several grand prizes at the Soul Atrium: Julius, Mushy and Shroom, Kayla, Aidan, Amira, Iris, Jet, Cleaver, and 50,000 Soul Coins. The developers might change the list of grand prizes from time to time. You can get a hero from the Grand Prize tab only once. However, you can receive 50,000 Soul Coins as a grand prize an unlimited number of times.


Cleaver, a legendary six-star hero, is guaranteed to drop after 350 summons. However, you can still get him earlier. The chance depends solely on luck.


Once you obtain Cleaver, the message about it appears in the server chat. After that, the guaranteed grand prize at the Soul Atrium changes to 50,000 Soul Coins.

If you have received Cleaver before his guaranteed drop, you will instead get 50,000 Soul Coins as a guaranteed grand prize for 350 summons. 50,000 Soul Coins might also drop earlier than Cleaver as a separate grand prize.

Hero Rating

Hero Rating shows the average score of а hero based on all players' assessments. It can help beginners see which heroes are popular among players. 

The Rating is updated daily and is cross-server within the same platform. You can find Hero Rating at the Soul Atrium and in the Stats tab of each hero.

Once you promote your hero to the Orange+4 rank, you can rate them. To do so, select a hero and go to the Stats tab. You will receive 50 Emeralds for the first rating of each hero! You can change your rating at any time.


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