Combat Training

Combat Training is a game feature that allows you to test characters in battle. You can enter Combat Training in the chat menu:


Combat Training has multiple battle settings, as different game modes have their own rules. For example, ultimate abilities can be used either manually or automatically, depending on the mode.

Thus, you can test battles for various modes: Arena, Grand Arena, Tournament of the Elements, Guild War, and Clash of Worlds. The chosen mode determines whether the manual mode is available.

When creating a test battle, you can select only those game modes that are already available for you in the game. For example, Grand Arena becomes available at team level 50. Thus, if you have not reached the required level yet, you will not be able to select Grand Arena in the Combat Training menu.

Combat Training is available even if you are not a Guild member. But you need to be in a Guild to test battles in Guild game modes: Tournament of the Elements, Guild War, and Clash of Worlds.

You can also set up and customize buffs for defending and attacking teams in the Clash of Worlds testing.

Besides, Combat Training lets you fight any opposing team from your current Clash of Worlds battle. To do so, open the Clash of Worlds menu, press Attack, select any fortification, and press the dummy icon next to an opponent.

The opponent's team will preserve the fortification buff (if any) and be set to maximum power. You can fight it with your characters at current or maximum power.

In the Combat Training tab, you can find not only your own training battles but also the battles of your guildmates. You can even fight your guildmates' teams.

If you leave the Guild, only your battles will remain in the tab.

After a training battle ends, you can retry it right away and see the results without even loading the battle again.

Alternatively, you can retry the battle later. To do so:

  • Press the button Fight in the main menu of Combat Training.


  • Click Fight or Retry battle in Combat history.


In Combat history, you can also find a list of all the retried battles with the selected team. You can check the information about the battles, watch and retry them, or share their recordings with your friends. The number of such retried battles is unlimited.

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